So good pho you!

Pho 420 Saigon is where the REAL pho is at! We bring the taste of Vietnamese-inspired food right to Palisades Park, New Jersey.


Special pho rice noodle

For those of you who like to mix things up from time to time, then this Special Pho noodle soup is just for you! From our Special Pho menu, this dish includes well-done brisket, flank, oxtail, soft tendon and beef tripe in our classic pho broth.


Special Pho Noodle Soup

Are you an adventure-seeker and like to step your feet in new waters? Well then try our Spicy Pho BBQ Beef Short Plate from our Special Pho Menu. You can choose from three levels of spicy-ness. Do you dare to try?

About us

Pho 420 Saigon in Palisades Park New Jersey is committed to bringing you the authentic flavors of Vietnam. From pho noodle soups to rice plates and various appetizers, we offer a wide selection of Vietnam-inspired foods.

Our bestsellers

Special 3

Pho BBQ beef short plate


Coconut Shrimp Tempura

4 pieces


Pho420 Special Rice Vermicelli

Grilled pork chop, shrimp tempura, pork spring roll meat ball


Special pho

Well-done brisket, flank, oxtail, soft tendon and beef tripe in our classic pho broth.

What goes in pho?

Choice of protein

We have a wide selection of meats such as brisket, flank, oxtail, soft tendon, beef tripe and eye round steak.

Thin rice noodles

Take a spoonful of broth and twirl your rice noodles with your chopsticks or fork and slurp away!

Fresh herbs

Cilantro i sknown for its somewhat bitter taste and it adds a bright, citrusy pop of flavor to the pho broth.

Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts enrich the flavors of the deep cooked pho broth adding a slight bit of sweetness and a bit of crunch.


Add a kick of tangy lemony flavor to your pho broth.


Yellow onions are used to add a subtle flavor of sweetness to the pho broth lending to that perfect balance of sweet and savory.


Can’t go without the sriracha and the hoisin sauce to make the soup feel more authentic. Squeeze some into a saucer and mix to create your own flavor and dip your pho noodles to enjoy.

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